Everything you need to backup, recover, and securely delete data

Active@ Data Studio is a comprehensive set of disk utilities that allows you to backup and restore data, securely erase storage devices, and repair your computer when it cannot start normally. It works in its own operating environment, based on the Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) and updated to Windows build 2004. This makes it possible to access the entire suite of desktop applications from a bootable USD drive or other media. As such, you can repair, diagnose, and modify your computer settings even if you cannot log into your usual operating system. This makes it ideal for repairing errors that are preventing your compute from starting up, getting back deleted data, securely erasing your hard drive, and more. The latest edition of Active@ Data Studio, launched on November 24, includes a better Boot Disk Creator app, and all the latest versions of the main software.

Back up your data with Active@ Disk Image 10

Active@ Data Studio includes the latest version of Active@ Disk Image, a powerful utility that gives you an easy and dependable way to back up your entire system. A disk image is the most comprehensive way to back up your computer, since it makes a complete, byte-by-byte copy of everything on a hard drive or partition. This ensures that nothing gets forgotten about. After all, chances are you have important files stored in folders that are not always the obvious ones. Moreover, with a complete disk image, you can easily transfer your entire operating system, along with all your apps and personal files, onto a new storage device or computer. For example, if you have recently replaced your hard drive or your whole computer, this means you do not need to manually reinstall Windows along with all your programs and files.

Recover your data with Active@ File Recovery 21

With the included Active@ File Recovery, you can recover files from disks and partitions that have been formatted. You can also get back files deleted from the recycle bin. This solution gives you the best chances possible of getting back your data in one piece. It works by exploiting the fact that formatting a drive or emptying the recycle bin does not permanently delete data. Instead, it just makes the previously occupied space available but, until it gets overwritten, you should be able to recover it. By working in a self-contained boot environment running off an external storage device, it also reduces the risk of modifying the contents of the drive you want to recover data from. Active@ Data Studio also includes Active@ Partition Recovery, which lets you recover entire partitions that have been deleted.

Securely erase sensitive data with Active@ KillDisk 13

If, on the other hand, your goal is to ensure data can never be recovered, Active@ KillDisk permanently overwrites every sector of the drive. This process works according to international data sanitization standards, such as those endorsed by the US Department of Defense.

Active@ Data Studio also includes the latest version of Active@ Password Changer 11, allowing you to recover local administrator accounts in Windows 10 and earlier editions.



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